Catalina Sunset 2020 July 5 Solo Sail

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The Captain

This is your Captain speaking... Hiya all! My name is Daniel Eakin, known to my friends as Tipsy and it is my sincerest pleasure to welcome you to my little corner of the virtual world. I'm currently located in Southern California having traveled west from Michigan until my tires got wet in the pacific - and then bought a boat to keep going. I was raised in the midwest, with northern self reliance and southern hospitality being the roots of my upbringing. I'm a proud Eagle Scout which is where i first got my feet wet... and every thing else falling out of capsized lazers and sunfish learning my way around the water. I spent most of my younger years standing up a farm and blacksmithy, but eventually the sight from my porch was no longer sufficient - the world is calling. I've traveled some, explored more, and adventured every day I could. All of the things I've learned in life brought me to this point in time. Repairing diesel tractors, fixing old sports cars fiberglass, wood working and metal working as a hobby in the shop, electrical and tech at my father's knee and long into my professional life. All of the hobbies. All of the skills. All of the latent talents. They all push towards this beautiful dream. Stay Tipsy friends, I'll see you beyond the next horizon 🙂


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