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Trans American Road Trip

Chase the sunset indeed

This story really starts back in November of 2018 when I got a very peculiar message on Linkedin. A job offer. Los Angeles… three thousand miles away. I am in truth a country boy. Big cities confuse me, the cultures blend together in such a way as to be not easily mapped and therefore explored without risk.

But then again, I dream of seeing the world. I dream of radical self reliance. I dream of sharing it all with anyone who wishes to live vicariously through me.

A move across the country makes sense. Break out of my comfort zone and explore new styles of living, new people, new everything. A stepping stone into the realm of exploring the world by exploring my own country.

So I set out late after a particularly painful and emotional conversation with my last sense of comfort and home, which I think the video captures the fringe of, and set out west.

The first day was actually night, having left late. The dark hid obvious tears as I dealt with the pain of what I was losing. More than just a house mind you, an entire lifestyle. I know my friends backed me up and wanted the best for me. I know that I impressed a fair number of folks with what they call bravery by taking on the adventure at all. Still it would be months, if that, before I’d get to see them again and that combined with the knowledge of the person I wanted to spend my time with most wasn’t going to follow me, I struggled to complete those first 400 miles. But, perseverance and sheer stubbornness and I find a familiar place in Chicago at a friend’s to lay my head down and rest. That is a big important part of trips like these… slowly but surely separating yourself from the things you know as you seek the truth within. Leaving Chicago, it’d be 2 days before I saw a friend again, clear out in Colorado. A stop in between in Topeka was mandatory.

My friend in Colorado met me with a smile and a big hug. I needed both. Chicago, I was solitary the whole night, my friends having been in bed already, and needing to leave early. My friend immediately scooped me up in her car and we went and saw a number of awesome sights. The Painted Rocks, Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak. It was all very beautiful and breathtaking. This is why I was traveling. This is why I have wanderlust. To see these awesome things and take photos and videos and memories… and share the first two with you all.

After a night’s rest and a bit more exploring, I finally hit the road again, destination Albuquerque. I had another friend there waiting for me to arrive, conversations and honesty between two dudes who get one another. I got in late, left early. The bit through the Raton pass to get there however, well… it’s in the video. The cheap truck I bought hauling that heavy U-Haul trailer I’m genuinely surprised I got over that hill. Maybe me saying so here will help you avoid the stress of the same if you find yourself on the same stretch of road. The desert after New Mexico was surprisingly forgiving. The truck has great AC, thank goodness. I stared in wonder at mountains I wish I had time to go explore and dust devils dancing around every which direction I could see. But, as things go, eventually I had to stop in Phoenix and rest. The next day, the last day, and very uneventfully, I dragged myself into San Pedro. The point of no return days and days behind me, 2500 miles behind me… more. The point of no return being when I was told I’d be going on by myself.

Head west, youngin. Seek your fortune.

Head west, youngin, Seek your fortune.

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