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Considering A Sailboat

Home and also a means to see the world

When arriving in California, after an epic roadtrip, seizing the means of familiar and future was my primary personal task. I didn’t have even a bed, yet. I’ll have fixed that by now, I hope! A boat, however, that was the logical first step for someone who dreams of seeing the world in the most sustainable way possible, and creating content to share with everyone along the way of chasing that dream.

These boats are like apartments. They’re floating homes. The decision process isn’t easy nor quick. Rarely do you look at only one and make the jump. There’s a bazillion (a word I made up, there’s no way to predict how much…) things that must be considered. Each situation is wildly unique and requires much foresight and frankly insight, the quality of the vessel, the projects to do, your skills and experience implementing them to solve those demands that this new floating palace has for you.

I am a handy man. I started working on my own cars when I was still a preteen. I’ve been making means from what little resource I had as a kid to achieve the dreams I had then. I have a great deal of confidence that if there’s something that must happen I can solve it, or at least learn how. At the least I know my extrovert allows me to find the people who know and can do. I know how to work on big diesel engines, a common element in boats this size, from having grown up on a farm. I learned how to sail because of time in the boyscouts, being an Eagle Scout and all that. I’ve built houses with my family, fixed electrical and plumbing concerns for a dozen friends a dozen times over the years. I have a unique love for tinkering and making things better than they are with my knowledge experience and unique talent to trouble shoot a problem successfully. I hope to share as much as I can of that with you all as I generate the content I’m hoping to share with you all here.

So here we are, considering a 50 year old sailboat with no few problems. I’ll likely get it for extremely cheap, due to the project list being frankly daunting. I’ll loose a fair amount of resources to get it brought up to par with the minimum expectation I have of such a possession. I’ll loose dozens of weekends for sure to see that it happens as I don’t have the money to outsource the work. I will probably loose myself in hours of reading and research before I even pick up a wrench. I will strive to know, understand, and to validate my knowledge before I take so much as a screwdriver to anything on this vessel as to do anything else will be simply unwise. These things are not cheap to own, doubly so if you cannot do your own work on them. But I believe anyone can learn to do the necessary things to chase their dreams. Maybe they can not do it the same way in which I do but that is frankly what makes life so interesting. I hope that these articles and stories help you come down to the same simple truth that I have: I can. I will.

For me, I know it wouldn’t be without trial… and really a thousand swear words at least twice each.

… but when I sit on her deck I feel home. When I sit in her galley I feel safe. When I look about her I see a future. I see parties and celebrations. I see tears and laughter both. I see struggle and success. I see life. I see freedom.

I hope for the same for you,reader,as you strike the ground and seek your own adventure.

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