Te Amo Home Port 2020 Aug 22 Sailor. Blacksmith. Dancer. Philosopher. Teacher Typsy Raven Sailing Catalina Island Sunset Fishing expedition with Steve, Larry and Eddie - 2020 Aug 15 - 20 Catalina Sunset - Fishing Expedition Solo Sail To Catalina Island 2020 July 4 Goal set and achieved - Sailed the Te Amo to Emerald Bay at Catalina Island on 2020 July 4 to celebrate my Birthday on the 5th! Solo Sailing to Emerald Bay for Birthday
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    Foot prints in sand, bottles in waves.


    This page serves as a hub for the social media engine that is Tipsy Raven. It will be under continuous modification and update and it is our sincerest hope that the ever changing waves that that creates lends itself to a easy rocking that helps you settle in for a fine evening of enjoying the adventures we have to share.